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City extends provision for flexible outdoor operations at restaurants, retail establishments

September 23, 2020

In continuing the effort to provide businesses flexibility as establishments seek to continue operations during the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Johns Creek has extended the duration of the Temporary Outdoor Operations permit. The permit provides for allowances where they may not be otherwise permitted by city code:
  • Permit. A Temporary Outdoor Operation Permit (see Guidelines) shall be sent via e-mail to PandZ@Johnscreekga.gov. If approved, the permit will be valid until Dec. 9, 2020, unless extended by City Council under the authorization of the city’s Emergency Ordinance, which would extend the permit for another 30 day period.
  • Occupancy. New outdoor operations cannot result in a total occupancy greater than the originally approved occupancy limit.
  • ADA Requirements: No temporary outdoor operations shall be placed on an interior sidewalk or parking space unless an accessible path is available.
  • Tents: The maximum tent size shall be 10’ by 10’. No more than four tents shall be permitted per restaurant. Tents shall be safely secured and shall not be connected to each other
  • Life Safety Requirements: At least one 2A10BC rated fire extinguisher shall be provided for outdoor operations using any number of tents. Points of ingress and egress shall not be blocked for any reason.
  • Traffic & Parking: New outdoor operations cannot interfere with normal vehicle traffic movement, to include fire department access to the building and access to fire hydrants and other firefighting equipment.
  • Health Department Requirements: Food preparation must be completed inside the restaurant kitchen facilities.
  • Alcoholic Beverages: All proposals must be in compliance with Section 6-53 of the City Code.
The city is providing the allowances in accordance with Gov. Brian Kemp’s April 24 executive order, which permitted restaurants and retail establishments to re-open April 27 so long as there are measures to ensure a six-foot distance between persons. 
Per the governor’s order, the six-foot separation requirement does not apply to cohabitating persons, family units, or roommates however, the city is instituting the following requirements:
  • Seats shall be at least 24 inches apart in addition to the six-foot table separation.
  • All restaurant staff are required to wear masks.
  • All restrooms shall be cleaned and sanitized on a more frequent schedule.
  • Points of ingress and egress shall not be blocked for any reason and all ADA requirements must be maintained.