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New playground lets parents watch toddlers and youth games at same time

Protected playground located near baseball fields at Ocee Park

child on Ocee playgroundNo longer will parents at Ocee Park have to choose between watching a child play baseball and letting an impatient younger sibling play on a playground out-of-sight.

The Recreation and Parks Division built a protected playground between two youth baseball fields so that parents can simultaneously watch the game and little brother or sister as he or she plays.

"The current playground is on the far side of the park, hundreds of yards away from the fields," said Parks Manager Robby Newton, who spearheaded the project. "Now parents can keep an eye on their younger kids without missing a game. We hope this will be a more pleasurable park experience for everyone."

The playground, built of durable plastic and vinyl-coated steel, will have netting over it to protect children from foul balls, a canopy for shade, and fencing to keep the youngsters corralled. The play structure has multiple climbing features and a slide. It also has ramps for children in wheelchairs.

Built in January, the playground is currently open, with additional features in place before the summer youth baseball season starts.