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Johns Creek installs flashing yellow arrow signals

New program, first in Georgia, expected to improve traffic flow, safety

flashing yellow arrow signalThe City of Johns Creek has installed flashing yellow arrow left-turn signals at the following locations to move traffic more efficiently and more safely:

  • State Bridge Road & St. Georgian Common
  • State Bridge Road & entrance to Parkway Baptist Church
  • State Bridge Road & entrances to Home Depot/Whole Foods Market
  • McGinnis Ferry Road & Hospital Parkway
  • McGinnis Ferry Road & Johns Creek Parkway
  • McGinnis Ferry Road & entrance to Johns Creek Town Center

Flashing yellow arrow signals mean you can turn left but yield to pedestrians and on-coming traffic. They clarify when it is safe to turn left, and they allow motorists to proceed when they normally would have to wait for a green light.

"If you've ever been stuck at a red light and wanting to turn left when there's no oncoming traffic a flashing yellow arrow will allow you to go ahead and turn if it's safe," said Public Works Director Tom Black. "Flashing yellow arrows can keep traffic moving."

The flashing yellow arrow also helps take the guesswork out of making left turns. Signals in opposite directions don't always mirror each other, forcing motorists to guess whether oncoming cars will stop, yield, or keep driving.

A 2007 Federal Highway Department study shows the signals reduce accidents and near-misses. Johns Creek is the first city in Georgia to adopt the traffic signal program.

"Flashing yellow left-turn arrows have been successfully used in many other states, such as Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon, and Texas," Black said. "This has been tested in many other places."

The designated intersections have four traffic signals to follow:
  • red arrow
  • yellow arrow
  • flash arrow
  • green arrow
  • Solid red arrow:  Stop. No left turns allowed.
  • Solid yellow arrow:  Prepare to stop.
  • Flashing yellow arrow:  Left turns are allowed, but first yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians.
  • Solid green arrow:  Protected left turn. Proceed with caution.