City of Johns Creek, Georgia January 2012
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PACT (Police and Community Together)

You'd be surprised how many people haven't secured the wireless internet networks in their homes. I'm sure you know a few of your neighbors who haven't.
Not only are these naive residents letting others slow down their bandwidth, they're also opening themselves up to the possibility of identity theft from professional hackers. Yes, it is possible... not likely, but possible.
So, here are some basic security tips to help you secure your home wireless network:
  • Change your SSID (Service Set Identifier: the name of your wireless network that others see) every few months.
  • Use letters and numbers in the new name.
  • Don't use your name, address, or other personal information in your SSID (Smith, WVU fan, 123 Maple Street).
  • Don't leave a default password.
  • Use a strong password.
  • Use upper / lower case letters (avoid using all upper case).
  • Use special characters (!@#$%^&*).
  • Don't use part of your email address in the password.
  • Make the password at least 10 characters.
Stay safe,
Officer M.D. Meberg
Community Services
STALKING: Know it, Name it, Stop it.
Stalking. Know it. Name it. Stop it.
This January is the 9th anniversary of National Stalking Awareness Month. Did you know:
  • 3.4 million people over the age of 18 are stalked each year in the U.S.
  • 3 in 4 victims are stalked by someone they know.
  • 30% of victims are stalked by a current or former intimate partner.
  • 46% of victims experience at least one unwanted contact per week.
  • 1 in 4 victims report being stalked via some form of technology (e-mail or IM).
  • 10% of victims report being monitored with global positioning systems (GPS), and 8% report being monitored through video or digital cameras, or listening devices.
Take the Plunge: raise funds for Special Olympics, 2/18
Polar Plunge bear
On Saturday, Feb. 18, the JCPD will once again participate in Special Olympics Georgia's annual "Polar Plunge." Spearheaded by Corporal Jimmy Marshall, the team will jump into the icy waters of Lake Lanier to honor the pledges of donors who've committed funds to SOG's mission of helping Georgia's intellectually disabled.
You don't have to "plunge" yourself. Just go online and pledge any amount to Jimmy's team.
And mark your calendars for the 5th annual JCPD Special Olympics Golf Tournament, April 23, at St. Ives Country Club. St. Ives also has a volunteer team participating this year in the Polar Plunge. Thank you St. Ives for helping support Special Olympics Georgia!
Students learn self-empowerment, personal safety
radKIDS class
Last week, over 30 Johns Creek elementary school students completed a week-long, safety course called radKIDS®. Led by members of the JCPD Community Services Unit, the nationally-recognized program empowers 7-12 year olds and teaches them how to replace fear, confusion, panic or dangerous situations with confidence, personal safety skills, and self-esteem.
"In this day and time, these kids need to know how to deal with certain possibilities and they learn in this program in a fun, but real, way," said Sgt. Deb Kalish. "They listen to us."
The radKIDS® class is offered only a few times a year and usually has a waiting list. Please call 678-474-1587 or email for information on the next class.
HOA / Neighborhood Information Update
In order to enhance communications between the JCPD and the community - particularly in the case of emergencies - we are asking each HOA or neighborhood to complete our online HOA / Neighborhood Information form.
If you have supplied this information in the past in other formats, please also complete this form to ensure we have the latest information to contact your neighborhood about particular community policing services, crime alerts or crime issues.
Crime & traffic information for last month
Crime Stats
Total calls for service
Total arrests
Total car break-ins
Total burglaries
Traffic accidents

Top 5 intersections for accidents:
1. Abbotts Bridge & Medlock Bridge
2. State Bridge & Jones Bridge
3. State Bridge & Medlock Bridge
4. State Bridge & Medlock Crossing
5. Medlock Bridge & McGinnis Ferry
Most accidents last month were caused by following too closely, and occurred on Thursday evenings in clear weather. 34% reported injuries; there were no fatalities.
Burglaries (16): 5805 State Bridge Rd (2), 11060 Medlock Bridge Rd, Windgate, Devonhall, Addison Place Apts., Cameron Forest Apts. (2), Johns Creek Walk (2), 6005 State Bridge Rd, Chelsea Ridge Apts., Waterford, The Gates at Johns Creek, and Saddle Ridge.
Car break-ins (15):10305 Medlock Bridge Rd, 3150 Old Alabama Rd (3), 11555 Johns Creek Pkwy., Bell Rd/Rogers Bridge, 5950 State Bridge Rd, Chelsea Ridge Apts. (4), 11105 State Bridge Rd, 9715 Breckenridge Close, Spring Meadows Farms, and 5075 Abbotts Bridge Rd.

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