City of Johns Creek, Georgia June 2011
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Identity theft and credit card fraud are prevalent everywhere - including Johns Creek. Here are some simple steps to protect yourself and family:
PART 2 of 3: (more next month...)
  • When using free wireless hotspots do not go to sites that require a password/display sensitive information.
  • Don't give out personal information over the phone or internet unless you are 100% sure of who you are communicating with.
  • When giving sensitive information over the internet, make sure the site is secure.
  • Keep track of your credit cards and try not to let them out of your site.
  • Do not use your social security/drivers' license/medicare number as an ID/password.
  • Be careful when ordering items from internet auction sites such as craigslist and eBay.
Officer Mark Johnson
Community Services
On the Road, Off the Phone
Don't talk on phone while driving
Nearly one out of every four motor vehicle crashes involves cell phone use.* Sixty-two percent of drivers recognize that talking on a cell phone is not safe, yet more than two out of three drivers admit to talking on their cell phone in the past month.
Driving involves three main activities: visual (eyes on road); mechanical (hands on wheel); cognitive (mind on driving). The brain quickly switches between those tasks sequentially. As a result, the brain suffers from inattention blindness and can't process everything the eyes see.
When this happens, drivers look out the windshield, but do not see up to 50 percent of the driving environment. In fact, the brain is so overloaded that not all critical driving cues such as red lights, stop signs and pedestrians are delivered to the brain.
So... when you're on the road, stay off the phone.
* National Safety Council, 2011
New law regulates pawnbrokers/dealers
Pawn shop receipt
Enacted earlier this month, a new law requires Johns Creek pawnbrokers and second-hand dealers in precious metals to run background checks on potential employees, and get fingerprints of people pawning any precious metal goods. The purpose of the law is to help ensure these goods are not stolen.
Inventory your precious metal treasures
The JCPD encourages all residents to make a photographic inventory of their gold, silver or precious metal jewelry, flatware, coin collections, etc. The inventory could help police identify your treasures if they should be stolen.
Car break-ins on rise; keep your vehicle locked!
car break-in
Summer's back... and so are more car break-ins across north Fulton. In Johns Creek, more than 60 per cent of these thefts occur with unlocked vehicles.
The thieves didn't even have to break in to steal anything they could quickly sell on Craig's List; or collect personal information from briefcases for the increasing popular crime of identity theft.
PLEASE... stop leaving any valuable and personal items in your car, and stop leaving your car doors unlocked!
Johns Creek Citizens Police Academy starts August 16
Citizens Police Academy
Johns Creek residents have an opportunity for an in-depth look at JCPD operations, how it is organized and what policies it follows in setting a high standard for community policing in this 9-week course.
Open to all Johns Creek residents ages 21 and older who successfully pass the application process and a criminal history check, the JC Citizens Police Academy is limited to 25 people. The class is held on Tuesday nights from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Read more.
Sobriety checkpoints: July 4th
sobriety check point sign
This Fourth of July, Johns Creek Police will set up sobriety check points in various locations across the City, joining other law enforcement agencies in impaired driving enforcement initiatives.
The check points will be in effect throughout the holiday at undisclosed times and places. The goal of the enhanced enforcement of DUI laws is to reduce alcohol-related traffic accidents in the city.
Scam alert: fake GDOT employees ripping you off
The Georgia Department of Transportation says two separate scam artists are stealing money from individuals around the metro area - in one case offering non-existent jobs with the Department; in the other, posing as DOT Highway Emergency Response Operators (HEROs) and charging for assistance.
Anyone approached by these individuals or having information regarding these activities is asked to please contact their local law enforcement agency or the Department's Investigations Unit at 404-347-0620. Read more.
Crime & traffic information for last month
Crime Stats
Total calls for service
Total arrests
Total car break-ins
Total burglaries
Traffic accidents

Top 5 intersections for accidents:
1. Medlock Bridge & State Bridge
2. Medlock Bridge & Abbotts Bridge
3. Jones Bridge & Old Alabama
4. Jones Bridge & Addison Way
5. Jones Bridge & Kimball Bridge
Most accidents last month were caused by following too closely, and occurred on Thursday nights in clear weather. 26% reported injuries; there were no fatalities.
Burglaries (8): Linkwood, Huntington, Timberstone (2), Long Indian Creek (2), and Abberly Towneship (2).
Car break-ins (13): Addison Place Apts., Long Indian Creek, Hartridge, Oxford Mill, Newtown Park (3), St. Clair, 3101 Barnwell Rd., Glastonberry, Foxworth, 10980 State Bridge Rd., 4775 Old Alabama Rd., Findley Chase, and Falcon Ridge.

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