City of Johns Creek, Georgia May 2010
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Dear residents,

We've recently had several, highly-publicized home burglaries (or attempts) in Johns Creek, which have caused great concern for residents. We want to assure the community that we are taking pro-active steps to crack down on this crime in our residential neighborhoods and doing everything possible to prevent further incidents.

In reality, Johns Creek has far less home burglaries than other nearby cities; but that doesn't mean we aren't concerned about the ones we do have.

Over the last year, many law enforcement agencies across Metro Atlanta have seen an increase in commercial and residential burglaries. Last December, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard formed a Burglary Task Force and a Johns Creek officer is assigned full-time to this Force. This improves intelligence sharing when some of these criminals move from one metro area to another.

Remember... most residential burglaries occur between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Burglars really don't want anyone home when they commit their crimes. They want to get in and out. Residential burglaries are NOT home invasions.

If you see any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 911 immediately.

  Stay safe,

Sgt. Debra Kalish
Community Services

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The 411 on 911 in Johns Creek

Most of us hesitate to call 911 unless it's a life or death situation, but in Johns Creek you should call 911 anytime you need police or fire dispatched to your home or business.

ChatComm, the city's new 911 Emergency Communications Center, handles both emergency and non-emergency dispatch calls. This is different from when Fulton County provided our 911 services and we had a separate number for non-emergency dispatch.

Please share this information with your family and neighbors, and remember to call 911 when you need police or fire dispatched to your property, or when you see suspicious activity. Read more.

Home burglary safety tips
iPod serial number

Tough economic times can contribute to a rise in crime in a community, even one as safe as Johns Creek. Fortunately, there are ways to help protect your home and your neighborhood from crime.

From simple steps like keeping your doors locked to joining our PACT (Police & Community Together) neighborhood watch program, there are plenty of things you can do to prevent crime. Please print out these Residential Safety Tips and share them with your family and neighbors.

Record your property serial numbers

If you are the victim of a burglary or theft, one of the first things a JCPD officer will ask you is, "Do you have the serial numbers for the items stolen?"

More times, than not, the answer is no. Most of us just don't take the time to do this simple, but important, step. So, stop now and go do it. Here's a Home Inventory form for you to use.

If you don't have your numbers written down, there's far less chance of recovering your stolen property.

Suspect your teen is using alcohol and drugs?

"wreckED" - a new alcohol and drug abuse prevention program from the Partnership for a Drug Free America - challenges older teens to think in a focused way about their relationship with drugs and alcohol, and asks them to consider whether their substance use risks turning into a problem for them.

The program has some thought-provoking videos. Show them to your teen, or better yet, watch with them. "wreckED" also has interactive games based on real-life scenarios. The program aims to help teens keep themselves and their friends in check.

Foreclosures can lead to crime
foreclosure sign

Foreclosed homes can provide tempting targets for burglars and erode a sense of community. Houses facing foreclosure are usually not maintained so they start to deteriorate, and once foreclosed, nobody takes care of them at all.

This can lead to vandalism, thefts of things like copper wiring, and a drain on police services. Though the JCPD has not seen, to date, a dramatic increase in crime at foreclosed properties in Johns Creek, the longer these properties stay empty, the more chance crime will occur.

Crime & traffic information for last month
Crime Stats
Total calls for service
Total arrests
Total car break-ins
Total burglaries
Traffic accidents

Top 5 roads for accidents:    

1. Medlock Bridge
2. State Bridge
3. Jones Bridge
4. Old Alabama
5. Haynes Bridge

Top 5 intersections for accidents:

1. State Bridge & Medlock Bridge
2. Haynes Bridge & Old Alabama
3. Jones Bridge & State Bridge
4. Kimball Bridge & Jones Bridge
5. Nesbitt Ferry & Old Alabama

Most accidents last month were caused by following too closely, and occurred on Fridays during the daytime in clear weather. Seventeen percent of the accidents reported injuries. There were no fatalities.

Burglaries (13): Abbotts Run, Abbotts Walk, Addison Place, Alara Apartments (3), Citgo, Dermatology Center, Enclave at Foxdale, Madison Park, Rivermont, Timberstone, and Wellington.

Car break-ins (7):Carriage Park, Lexington Woods, Lifetime Fitness, Newtown Park (2), Ocee Park and River Pines.


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